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As a small and growing company, we have utilized Six33Four, to successfully kick up a lot of our project raising funds for our startup's seed.

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Are you searching for the best school for your children to attend or you are looking for overseas admission and scholarships to make your dream of studying abroad possible? Use our website to find information about schools, degrees and career paths in Nigeria and from around the world. Speak . . .

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Steel is an iron-based alloy, which might contain carbon, silicon, manganese, and other minerals. The process of steelmaking involves the production of steel from iron ore and/or scrap. Due to its high durability and malleability, steel is a preferred choice of raw material in a number of . . .

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In Igbo land, there is always a house central to the compound of every home. This house is commonly referred to as the "Obi". The obi is the most important part of the home where major events in the family take place. The obi is always handed over to the eldest son in the family.  Every male . . .

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The Igbo language is an indigenous language of the Igbo people. Just like the English language, the Igbo language has all the qualities of a natural language. The Igbo language is not a simple one. It is dynamic and complex on its own. It encompasses all modes of communication and reasoning. There . . .

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