Teaching is one of the best professions on earth today and the case is not different in Nigeria. Despite the importance of this profession, teachers are not will paid in many countries, including Nigeria. Teachers in Nigeria may not be well paid but the importance of he profession cannot be overemphasized.

If you are a teacher, there are chances you are already disgruntled, hoping you are in another profession entirely, especially if you see other professionals getting paid better than you.  You should not give up, however. It is possible to make headway as a teacher and live a more comfortable life. 

These days, you do not have to limit yourself to the four walls of a classroom and only depend on your salary.  It is now possible to enlarge your coast and land more opportunities that will put more money in your pocket as a teacher. 

You can organize private classes for students of different classes and charge them some money for it.  This may not yield much at the beginning but can become a good source of income if you persist.  If people see that you are good in the subject area you handle, more students will register for your service and this will help you make more money from the service you render as a private tutor.  You can equally make money working as a private tutor.    

In this write-up, we will show you some of the many benefits of being a tutor in Nigeria despite the seemingly not encouraging stance of the government to the plight of teachers. 

Boost your CV

One of the many benefits of being a tutor in Nigeria is that it can make your CV look prettier and make you more attractive to potential employers.  The job of a tutor is not an easy one. you must have certain skills before you can do this successfully  and these skills can be useful beyond the teaching profession. For example, you must be a patient person and a good listener before you can be a good tutor.

You also must be able to explain a complex concept to people. All these skills can find a place of application in many industries beyond the teaching line.  So, being a good tutor is not a waste of time at all; it is more or less an opportunity to build more skills and become a beautiful bride to potential employers in many other industries. 

Increased opportunity to network

As a teacher, you will have the opportunity to meet with a lot of people, including students and parents. If you are good in what you do, it will be very easy for you to be noticed. Your students can recommend you to people who can take you to the next level of your career in the teaching profession or any other profession for that matter.

Parents of the students you teach can also notice the beautiful work you are doing and can recommend you for better opportunities.  Instead of seeing the noticeable limitations persisting in the teaching profession in Nigeria today, look at the opportunities and take advantage of them. Get serious with what you are doing and your clients (students and parents) can turn out to be your ladder to the top. 

Increase your earning 

While you wait for the big opportunities to come, you can still earn a lot of money from being a tutor. One of the best ways to do this is to organize private classes for students. You can organize private classes for primary or secondary school students. If you major in a particular area, like mathematics, English language, chemistry, accounting , physics, government or any other subject for that matter, you can organize private tutors for students that are having problems in any of these areas to enable you make some money on the side.  

If you are good in teaching, you sand a good chance of getting a lot of students to register for your private class.  Some students that want to prepare for special examinations will require your service, which is yet another way to make cool money on the side as a tutor. You can even start an online coaching class, giving you the opportunity to offer your teaching expertise to students beyond the limits of Nigeria.    

Be your own boss

Being a tutor will give you the opportunity to be your own boss. You will be free to discuss with your employers on when you want to work.  This is never the case if you are working in a school, in which case you will have to arrive at school at a particular time and will not be able to close until your employer says so.  

Things even get worse if you are working in a private educational institution, in which you will have to leave home very early and not be free to come back until late in the evening due to the heavy workload apportioned to you.  

So, being a private tutor gives you al the freedom in the world. Even if you like, you can plan with the students to attend classes only three times in a wee, giving you a lot of time to do other very important things.  Being your own boss can even make you more productive since there will not be any boss breathing down your neck at any time. 

Do what you love doing 

 If you are the type that loves to impart knowledge into people or you love to be in the company of kids, teaching is one of the best things to consider. It will give you an opportunity to consistently be in the company of children and do what you love to do.  

Doing what you love to do will make life a lot more exciting to you and can even help you to live longer and happier.  Even if teaching does not bring much money, it will bring fulfillment. The sense o fulfillment can be more satisfactory than money. 

Being happy doing what you love to do can also open grater doors of opportunities for you.  The happiness infused into your work can make you do a good job, which can compel others to give you offers of a lifetime opportunity.